Ashley Graham is a long time obsession of ours, and is a beauty in every sense of the word.  She has a beautiful face and a beautiful figure, but she also has the most beautiful ambitions. An inspiration to curvy girls everywhere, Ashley stuns on covers from Elle to Sports Illustrated. In an industry where size is given far too much prominence, she makes everyone want to shoot her – and every girl want to be her. We spoke to her to find out what makes her tick, what she has learnt, and – for someone so passionate about making a difference – what she wants to do for the world. And believe us, this girl is a game-changer.

The best and worst part about being a model?
The best parts are being able to use my platform and voice to create change, and traveling the world. The worst part is that I barely get to sleep in my own bed!

The best compliment you’ve ever received?
People always talk about how kind I am, and to me, that’s a far more important than complimenting my looks.

Define sexy
Sexy is being confident, owning your body, believing in yourself, and keeping a positive attitude.

What do you find to be the most beautiful trait in a women? 
Her determination and fearlessness.

What personal goal have you reached that made you feel proud of yourself?
When I first started modeling, I was told I would be a catalogue model forever. I’ve now been on 11 covers in under two years.

The biggest obstacle you have ever had to overcome? 
Being a curvy woman and being taken seriously in the fashion industry

Your favorite suit in your new Swimsuits For All Collection? 
I love them all, but probably the Heist one-piece and Espionage bikini.

Favorite holiday you’ve ever taken?
Cinque Terre, Italy

Favorite beauty product?
My #ColorCurators nail polishes from my Sephora Formula X collection

When do you feel the most liberated?
When I’m modeling my Addition Elle lingerie collections or swimsuitsforall bathing suits without caring if my cellulite or rolls are showing. Also when I’m speaking at an event to hundreds of women who are impacted by my journey.

What is your favorite go-to bikini silhouette and why? 
String bikini… the more skin, the better!

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
Beauty standards and eliminating ideas that women’s bodies have “flaws.”

Words of advice for any woman trying to feel confident in her own skin, knowing its not always an easy task?
Remember that it’s a personal journey that starts from within. I practice affirmations and speak to my body, reminding myself that I am bold, brilliant and beautiful. Surround yourself with other women who don’t talk negatively about their bodies, and complement each other!

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    Thanks for featuring ashley! she and devin are two of my absolute faves, so I am thrilled to see the two of them coming together. love the pics, and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you shared some more ashley pics.

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