Stomachs and bikinis: the combination can be a scary thought for most, but not to fear! We are sharing our simple workout that, combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise will have your stomach looking its very best when you hit the sand! Incorporate these moves into your workout a minimum of 4 times a week, and work towards the abs you’ve always wanted!


Lay with back on floor, legs bent and feet on floor. Have a partner hold your feet down as you perform a sit up. Repeat 30 -100 times.



Lay with back on floor, legs straight and arms straight out to the side in a “T”. Squeeze abs as you lift straight legs off the floor; release lifting and lowering. Repeat 2 x intervals of 25.



Lay with back on floor, arms behind your head. Bicycle your legs as torso twists and reach opposite elbow towards opposite bent knee. Repeat with opposite elbow as opposite leg extends. Repeat 2 x intervals of 25.Ab-Bikes

Activewear from Bandier.com
Workout GIFs by Andy Zou
Special thanks to Katherine Greiner from KG Body
Please note that not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. Check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program to avoid/reduce the risk of injury.
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  1. AsHley Reply

    Hi! So excited that you guys have been sharing your work out series. Your bodies are unreal and its great to finally know how you get there. I was curious if the workouts you are posting on the series are the ONLY workouts you do (on a regular basis). If so, what is your order on each one every week? Do you only do the running on the full circuit day? Any additional warm ups or anything? I ask this because I always hear trainers talk about how repetitive workouts hinder results. Not that these work outs are such, but given the amount that you guys work out each week, you obviously do each of these work outs a lot. I also ask these questions because sometimes I feel like trainers both in person and online give such a variety of things to do that it can be overwhelming especially for beginners like myself. Please let me know. I would love to use your series not only as inspiration but as an every day guide. and with the more information, the more I can follow in hopes of gaining results that are anywhere near yours. thank you!

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