We’ve headed down under to Tash’s hometown, Sydney, to take advantage of summer number TWO- yes, we know we’re very lucky to have two summers, but it is our job to chase the sun. It is always a pleasure visiting Sydney because we get time to spend quality with Tash’s family, eat some of our favorite Aussie dishes and of course visit some of the best beaches in the world, but this trip was especially exciting.

With the launch of the Monday Swimwear Resort Collection, we decided to hold our third ever A Bikini A Day Pop Up Shop at the super chic Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel! With the Australian summer just beginning we knew we had to come through for our Aussie babes and give them a chance to see and try on the new Resort Collection and to meet us in person!

With the help of The Audience Agency, we invited some of our favorite Australian brands to be part of the pop up! There are so many amazing young designers and entrepreneurs in Australia so it was really exciting for us to be partnering with some of them for our first ever event in Sydney.

As per usual, we had our personal brands Monday Swimwear and Monday Active available and absolutely loved seeing our designs on all of the gorgeous women who tried them on and took them home for the summer! When you think bikinis, you think sun, so we had the super cool and stylish designer sunglass brand Bailey Nelson join us as well as St Tropez tanning experts to ensure everyone had a summer glow.

One of the funnest parts of the pop up was the monogram machine by The Daily Edited– everyone who attended was able to have their initials stamped onto their favorites accessories right in front of their eyes, we are pretty much obsessed with anything personalized so we spent A LOT of time at The Daily Edited.

Last but certainly not least was the super fun summer essentials booth by Sunnylife Australia. Everything you need for the beach and more, including plastic blow up floaties of all shapes and sizes, beach towels and even beach fans in the shape of ice cream cones!

We had so much fun hanging out with our fans, shopping, taking pics and talking all things summer, that we were genuinely sad for it to end!

Luckily we had one more event to look forward to, The Monday Swimwear X A Bikini A Day Influencer and Media brunch, which was naturally, on a Monday. The sit down brunch for 30 held at “Top Deck”, The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel was absolutely picturesque. The room was filled with stunning furniture from Valiant Styling and floral arrangements from Hamblin’s Flowers. It was so great to catch up with our favorite influencers and magazine editors over a glass of Domaine Tropez rosé and some, seriously, delicious food.

We want to give a VERY special thank you to Hamblin’s Flowers for some of the most beautiful floral arrangements we’ve ever seen and to everyone else that attended.

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Thank you everyone for an amazing weekend! x


Images by Amy Mackay


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