A Sunset for Two – Your Valentine’s Date Plan

It’s nearly February and that makes our hearts sing! There’s nothing greater than being with the one you love at sunset, on Valentine’s, near the water. Share in the planning with the one you love; it is fun, creates excitement and anticipation, so let’s get started! If you’re single this year plan this evening with a great group of friends!

The Place

For an elegant evening, choose a location that is conducive to supporting a fold up table and chairs. Make sure you will be overlooking a body of water like a river, a lake or the sea and when you are seated, face west so that you will see the sunset. Check the timing of the sunset on February 14th and plan to arrive at least an hour before to set up and relax. Take into consideration whether or not the location will be crowded. Lastly, make certain there is a place to build a fire!

What to wear

Depending on the weather you will, of course, dress accordingly, but Valentine’s Day is the time to do something a little extra. Begin with your skin. An exfoliating body scrub like Bobbi Brown Beach Scrub and Bobbi Brown Beach scented moisturizer will leave you glowing and relaxed. Your hair should be easy to maintain in case it’s windy, go for a sexy, beachy/ relaxed look. Next, lingerie . . . we’ll leave that important detail to you, but our favorites are Agent Provocateur and La Perla. If it will be cold, dress in layers and bring a large beautiful shawl or scarf to wrap around yourself or to drape across your chair.

The Accessories

World Market has a great selection of accessories and light weight teak folding tables and chairs. Linens, lanterns, candles, tiki torches, champagne flutes, throw rugs and pillows are available in many colors and patterns for a very reasonable price. They even sell wine, champagne and exotic snacks. If you prefer to sit on the grass or sand bring a thick blanket or roll up rug and lots and lots of pillows. Bring firewood and kindling (or BBQ coals) and matches.

Bring music and sunglasses to watch the sunset.

The Food

Think warmth. You will enjoy yourself longer if you are comfortable. You can savor a hot thermos full of clam chowder or oyster stew (aphrodisiac) while you toss into the fire and warm up separate pre-made packets of heavy-duty tin foil filled with garlic bread, pre-cooked sweet potato slices, pre-cooked meats and chocolate brownies. Whether you make a fire in a BBQ pit at a park or build beach bon fire, be sure to bring tongs to pull the foil packets out!

All of the little details in planning a special Valentines day outing will add up in the end. It’s worth the effort and has the potential to create a memory of a life time. Remember, romance is key. XO

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