A Summer State of Mind

summer state

The change of seasons always brings about a certain excitement when fall arrives– sometimes a break from the scorching heat, the changing colors of the leaves, a little bit of rain… But then, when the real cold weather sets in, the winter blues become a permanent fixture on our minds and we already can’t wait until next summer. However, there are a few things that one can do in order to maintain some of that summer fun!

Just because it’s snowing and raining doesn’t mean you can’t book yourself a sunny getaway. A little bit of bright skies, a dip in warm water, the smell of coconut oil and a fruity poolside beverage is a sure mood changer and a way to take a break from snow covered rooftops. It’s a proven fact, that in countries where there are prolonged winter months, people fall into depression, so any chance you get to enjoy a few bright rays of sun, do it! Think of it as something necessary for your good health! Also, although there’s a tendency to indulge in culinary treats during the holiday season, keep your bikini body in mind by still adhering to your healthy food and exercise routine, just like brushing your hair and teeth, it’s just something that has to be done. The mantra is, have a bite or two, enjoy the taste, but no need to eat the entire plate! Keep your bikini in plain sight, try it on periodically, and we promise that it will motivate you to stay on track. This way, you’ll always be ready to pack that carryon and hop on the next plane out of town!

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