We have been fortunate enough to travel to incredible places all around the globe, so when we pick favorites, we really mean it.  One favorite that immediately comes to mind is in Bali.  You couldn’t dream up more stunning beaches or more authentic culture.  When we were looking for a destination to shoot our Monday Swimwear Signature Collection Campaign, an obvious and perfect choice was Karma Kandara in Uluwatu, Bali.

This 5 Star property has redefined “luxury beach resort” for us, as it has so organically combined natural Balinese beauty with legendary luxury service and amenities. We had our own private villa, with a pool, jacuzzi, and cliffside ocean views of the tropical beaches below us.

The resort had an inclinator to transport us directly to the beach from breakfast – does it get more perfect? The beach is exclusive to guests only, rid of tourists and crowds.  The white sand set against a beautiful blue lagoon is the perfect backdrop to sit back and relax, or take advantage of the adventures offered to you!  Guests can stand up paddle board, yoga, kayak, snorkel or enjoy a beach front massage.

In addition to the natural, physical beauty of this resort, there is much more to Karma Kandara than just what meets the eye.  The location on the Bukit Peninsula was chosen for a much deeper reason than the simply awe-inspiring views.  The location was chosen because an expert in Feng Shui (the ancient understanding of energy) took note of of the locations powers of healing and good fortune. When on the property, you can feel the positivity around you.

Want to have your next vacay at Karma Kandara?
We stayed in Villa Nirvana, but there are a huge selection of rooms and villas on offer at the resort, click here to view more and book your stay!

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