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Lately Devin and I have been traveling nonstop, we don’t like to be in the same place for too long. I guess you could say we have “the travel bug”. We have been sharing our adventures through our personal Instagram accounts but have SO MANY questions daily about our travels –where we stay and what we like to do, so we have decided to start a new series for abikiniaday.com called “A Bikini A Day Destinations” where we can share all the details of our trips. We will be sharing our travel tips on accommodation, transport, activities, our favorite beaches, restaurants and much more.

Traveling the world in a bikini for a living is a rarity, however, if you love traveling to exotic locations as much as we do, we know you are trying to fit in an amazing trip whenever you possibly can. Hopefully we can not only inspire your next trip but help you to plan your best one yet!  Stay posted for our first “A Bikini A Day Destinations” article on beautiful Bali!


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