5 Ways to De-Stress and Re-Boot

Having a Stressful Week?

All of these tips can be done on the beach – our ultimate relaxing place.

1. Self Love and Gratitude – 
Take a full three minutes and breathe into this…Remember who you are and how much you have. Only when we are truly present in pure gratitude for everything we have and during that grateful moment love ourselves just as we are now, flaws and all, can we begin to let go of the fear of never being, never having or never achieving enough. Breathe in and repeat

“I am enough.”

2. The Salt Cure – Beach Bath 
“All things can be cured by salt – the sea, tears or a salt bath.” Get under the sea and roll around in the sand at the beach if you can! If not, pour a cup or two of Himalayan pink salts or Epsom salts into your bath at home. These salts actually are made of minerals that our body craves like potassium and magnesium. Soak for 20 minutes, without bubbles or soap, which can interfere with the mineral absorption through your largest organ- your skin. Throw a couple of sea shells at the bottom of your tub, light some ocean scented candles, close your eyes and imagine a wide, warm sandy beach. Add our relaxation music playlist to enhance your stress free zone.
3. Tea
Around the globe and throughout history, tea has been used as a medicinal and relaxation tonic. Our favorite is Lemon Balm and Celestial Season’s Organic Herb Tea “Tension Tamer“. Be like the British and enjoy the lovely ritual of an afternoon tea, a relaxing and nourishing respite certain to refresh you so you can continue on with the rest of the day and evening.
4. Workout
Sometimes when we are stressed, the last thing we want to do is workout. But trust us, it helps. Get your heart pumping, your endorphins flowing and your sweat releasing all of that angst! If you are not into pumping iron or kick boxing or running, then consider yoga. Yoga is a restorative physical and mental practice that not only firms and tones, but increases your tolerance and fortifies your immune system. Through poses (asanas) held for 1-3 minutes your strength and endurance are increased (you can better handle stress), while your internal organs are massaged and stimulated with twists and deep breathing. If time doesn’t permit a full workout then just go for a brisk walk – outside, preferably on the beach, of course!
5. Act of loving kindness
A great way to get out of your stressed mindset is to do something for the benefit of another. This can be the simple act of picking up a piece of trash on your walk or holding a door open for a disabled person or just beaming your internal light with a warm smile towards a child. That energy will beam right back at you. It’s like magic! ✨
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