The Arms Up

This is one of our go-to poses as it instantly elongates your body making you look super tall and lean. The Arms Up pose also shows people that you’re throwing your hand up in the air and having a good time, and who doesn’t love a photo where the person is having a great time?

TIP: To maximize this pose pop one of your hips out a little to the side and try stand on your tippy toes to make yourself look as tall as possible!

The Front Sitting Pose

If you’re looking for something a little different, try the front sitting pose! This is a great pose to showcase a more chill vibe, while still keeping your body looking fabulous.

TIP: Keep your arms away from your body to show off your waist, elongate one leg out slightly and always keep your toes pointed!

The Standing Side Cross Leg

This pose works magic in showing off your beautiful legs and curvy figure! By standing slightly angled to the side your waist appears smaller and the curves of your body are highlighted.

TIP: Try to keep your arms away from your body so you’re not hiding your curves! Remember to relax your shoulders and body into the pose to make it look as natural as possible.

The Open Leg

The open leg is another go-to pose of ours as it’s a super simple way to show off your cute bikini and beautiful body from the front. By slightly opening one of your legs to the side you open up your body creating a nice flattering shape.

TIP: Don’t ever cover your waist in this pose and keep at least one arm up in an angled position. It’s all about clear strong angels!

The Side Back

The Side Back pose is definitely our favorite booty shot pose! We think it’s much more subtle, classy and flattering than the straight butt from the back pose. This way you can show off your pretty face and figure.

TIP: Arch your back and pop out a leg! Also make sure to be mindful of your arms because squishing them against your body can sometimes make them look larger than they are!


Smile as much as possible. There’s nothing more beautiful than a happy girl.

Find a bestie with the opposite good side to you or just choose your “sides”. 😉

Always keep lighting in mind. Early morning and late afternoon are best for shooting, overhead direct sunlight in the middle of the day is NOT your friend.

Make sure the person shooting you isn’t pointing the camera down onto you from above. This is a common mistake and immediately makes you look shorter and your head bigger!

Oil up! A nice body shimmer will make your skin glow and give you that beautiful dewy look.

Make sure to tag us in your bikinis pics! @abikiniaday

xx Tash & Dev

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