1. She embodies female empowerment. Hit after hit Queen B preaches feminism. Songs like ‘Run The World (Girls)’, ‘If I Were A Boy’, ‘Single Ladies’, ‘Independent Women’ and so many more encourage young women to OWN IT with confidence and grace.

2. She knows how to make an announcement.

3. She taught us how to have strength during hard times. Bey’s hit album ‘Lemonade’ shows us how to navigate adversity by staying true to yourself. The album taught us how to make Lemonade both physically and emotionally.

4. Beyoncé has been rocking her curves since day 1.

5. She’s humble and kind yet powerful and fierce.

6. Because her Instagram is so rad.

7. Her talent is undeniable. From singing and dancing to acting Beyoncé is the FULL package.

8. She is a mommy goals.

9. Because who else do you listen to when a stupid boy breaks your heart?

 10. Because she is a private person. Despite her superstar persona, Bey keeps her personal life private but when she does let us in it’s worth the wait!

Love you Queen B! xoxo

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