10 beach products you’ve never heard of but need to own

As March comes to a close, April flowers begin to bloom beautiful colors of pure white, tranquil turquoise, and warm yellow… colors that also happen to embody the palette of the beautiful ocean shoreline. You can practically taste the salty air, feel the soft, warm sand and hear the sound of the crashing waves as you envision yourself relaxing on the beach with a good read and the sun kissing your soft skin. You might jam out to your favorite tunes via your smartphone, sip on a boozy strawberry smoothie (AKA strawberry margarita), dive into the refreshing ocean water or simply lay out and let the coconut tanning oil soak in. Whichever way you might see yourself spending your ideal beach day, your likely to bring along some products of sorts to accompany you. So for all our beach babe pro’s (and the novices too) we want to share with you the 10 best beach products that you haven’t heard of.

  1. Wine tote

OK, so maybe you have heard of this one… but you never knew where to get the best of the best. Look no further because the beverage bag pro has arrived and it’s worth every penny.


  1. Waterproof playing cards

To channel your inner James Bond girl, these are a must.


  1. Maui Babe

Made with all organic and natural ingredients, this dark bronzing lotion will have you looking and feeling like a local Hawaiian goddess in seconds.


  1. Waterproof phone case

This is for the water activities or for the time you accidently bump your elbow into your friend’s aloe water and watch the liquid soak into her smartphone while kissing your friendship goodbye… (just kidding, but why take the chance).


  1. Color Science

Now you can enjoy the four S words without your makeup melting off. Splash, swim, snorkel, and scuba with this essential waterproof face powder.


  1. Waterproof speakers

When turning the small talk convo with the guys you ran into at the volleyball court into a joint beach day, get the beach party started and go all the way till sunset with these practical waterproof speakers.


  1. Josie Maran face sunscreen

The soft, weightless feeling while protecting your skin and without leaving a hole in your wallet. Luxury meets affordability.


  1. Solar phone charger

Imagine after a long day on the sand, your naturally salt-wavy hair blows in the wind and your skin glows from the sun-filled hours. So when the cute surfer notices you looking baywatch-like and asks for your number, it doesn’t hurt to let him enter his number into your phone as well… that is if your phone isn’t dead.


  1. Nuxe Shimmer oil

To add a little sparkle to your beach day. Because what mermaid doesn’t have a beautifully sparkling tail? And let’s be honest, who didn’t want to be a mermaid when they grew up? This shimmer oil equals Ariel IRL.


10. Beach Safe

Although we hate to admit it, when you run off to go dive into the sea and float on the ocean surface without a care in the world, there’s a small chance your valuables on shore might be gone when you return. Sadly, the occasional beach theft DOES happen. To avoid this, lock up your phone, earrings, wallet and other valuables with this convenient beach safe. Better safe than sorry!


Make sure to use these 10 products to ensure your BEACH day is the Best Escape Anyone Can Have.





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